How to switch phone Samsung J3 to A11

Thanks in advance for your help.
My wife got a Samsung A11 for Christmas and I am getting ready to switch over,

I know how to activate the phone for Republic but am unsure of how to move data.
Contacts, photos,

Do I do this after the new phone is activated and will the old phone still allow me to move stuff?

Thanks again

Good Morning @larryf.91t4t7,

Samsung provides its Smart Switch utility for this purpose.

It may be done afterwards but the path of least resistance is to move content from old to new phone when prompted during setup of the new phone.

After you get content moved and the new Galaxy A11 activated, please have a look here:

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rolandh, thank you for the prompt response.
I saw Smart Switch but wasn’t sure of the sequence.
If I understand, I will be prompted during set up (activation)?

Over the years I have activated up to a dozen phones on Republic
I have Motos and they were easy

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Setup and activation are two different things. That said, yes you’ll be prompted to move content during setup, which comes before activation.

Samsung’s take on Android is somewhat different from Motorola’s. Nevertheless, if you faithfully follow the onscreen prompts presented, I’m confident you’ll get there.

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Thank you.

You’ve been helping us for a long time here


By George I think we did it.
Thanks, rolandh

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