How to talk to someone about my pin number

I am changing phone carriers and my pin is not recognised when they try to access my account. I changed my pin and it still did not work.


Hi @louisg.mcxmeo and welcome to the Community!

FCC regulations make it very difficult to “talk” to anyone about your PIN. The most a Republic agent can do is confirm if the PIN you supply them is accurate or not. An agent can neither set or tell you what your PIN is. Again, this is FCC regulation and, for what it’s worth, intended to protect you. If you wish to have that conversation with an agent, here’s how: How to Open a Help Ticket – Republic Help.

The above said, is there more than one phone housed in your Republic account? If so, might the phone whose number you wish to transfer, be assigned to a secondary user as described by Republic here: How to Assign a User to a Phone – Republic Help?

If so, someone needs to sigh in using that user’s (not the account owner’s) credentials (email address and password) to set or reset the PIN.

Alternatively, the account owner may revoke the assignment as described here: How to Un-Assign (Remove) a User – Republic Help.

If I’m barking up the right tree, once one of the above is done, please ask the new service provider to cancel the pending port and start over rather than just updating the PIN on the pending port.

The above presumes the new service provider is explicitly telling you the transfer is being rejected for an incorrect PIN or you are receiving emails from Republic to that effect. Otherwise, there may be another reason the transfer is failing and you would need to ask the new service provider exactly what that reason is.

Finally, though I’m not a Republic employee, if there’s anything Republic might do to keep whomever is transferring the number from leaving, Republic would appreciate the opportunity of trying. Specifically, if coverage is the issue, Republic might have more than one option.

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