How to tell which cell tower?

It is my understanding RW uses T-Mobile and Sprint cell towers and RW chooses which company when a person joins RW. How do I tell which tower/company my phone uses?

I don’t have a problem with cell coverage but I signed up a friend that lives about 1.5 miles away from me and she is unable to use her phone indoors except when using the wifi option.

I’m wanting to buy a cell booster but I need to know if which service she is on to insure what cell booster I buy will solve her issue.

Many thanks

Hi @jeffreyf.dp6dzt,

Your understanding is correct. Here’s the how to on determining which cellular network your phone is provisioned for coverage with:

GSM = T-Mobile
CDMA = Sprint

If you’re comfortable sharing her zip code (nothing more) we may be able to offer some insight.

As Republic does not own the cellular network, it cannot recommend or support a cell signal booster. Generally, Republic’s intent is for one to use WiFi particularly when cell signal is weak. Is there a reason WiFi indoors is insufficient?


Hi @jeffreyf.dp6dzt

  • “she is unable to use her phone indoors…except on WiF”
    This is one of the key attributes of Republics service … @rolandh has provided you most of the info needed

    • However, as you work with her, if you could get her ISP & the Make/Model/Version of the router she has, perhaps we could help her with the WiFi?
    • Also if she could install a free app on her phone,
      Network Cell Info Lite
      it would help determine the actual band her phone is operating on. This would be needed if a booster ends up the only solution.
      The info contained in the Gauge view would be very beneficial in a screenshot for both cell coverage & WiFi
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Instead of buying a cell booster, perhaps we can look into moving her to the same network your phone is on. The questions Roland asked will help us determine if that might be a simple solution.

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Thanks, T-Mobile it is. My phone is a Moto G7.

Zip is 73071. Our internet service ■■■■■ and it goes down frequently, thus not being able to send or receive calls everytime the internet is down kinda ■■■■■.

So that we know we’re understanding correctly; is it your phone that’s on GSM (T-Mobile network)? Your friend’s phone? Or. both?

Thank you for the additional context! GSM coverage in the downtown area looks reasonably good. Outside downtown, however, particularly to the northeast, GSM coverage quickly degrades to the point of being non-existent. On balance, for that area I would suggest CDMA (Sprint network) coverage. It’s definitely possible to switch provisioned coverage on your Moto G7. Here’s how:

To be certain switching your friend’s provisioned coverage is possible, we would need to confirm the brand, model and generation of her phone?

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