How to text a photo to a 5 digit number

i have a picture on my moto g5plus i need to text to a 5 digit number. how the heck do i do that? i’m using the built in message app.

While it is possible to text short codes (a 4-6 digit number), it is not possible to send a picture to those numbers. What company are you trying to send a picture to?

the warranty card for new whirlpool washer says to text a photo of a special image to a 5 digit number.

i get a message that its not a legit phone number. a co-worker has a samsung and it will send a pic to those short numbers… scratching my head

Hi @TeeMark.

Republic does not offer the ability to attach a picture to a message sent to a short code. It’s documented here: Can't Send a Picture to a Short Code – Republic Help.

@coreyk was suggesting Whirlpool might offer an alternative means of providing the information. Have you asked them?

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