How to transfer a republic number to a de-activated republic phone

I had 2 republic lines, and recently transferred service to another carrier for one of my lines. My current remaining republic phone (basic Moto phone) has inadequate storage. I still have my other republic phone (MotoZ play) that I de-activated. I’d like to transfer my existing Republic line/number from the old phone to the MotoZ Play. I see instructions for how to activate a NEW phone. How do I effect just a number transfer?

Hi @marciw,

The process for reactivating your Moto Z Play is essentially the same as when you activated it for the first time. Republic’s guidance is linked here: How to Activate a Republic Wireless 3.0 Phone – Republic Help.

There are a couple of potential caveats. First, the Z Play’s SIM must not have been deactivated for more than 20 days. If your Z Play was deactivated more than 20 days ago, please let us know. Second, you’ll want to be certain to sign into the Republic account housing the phone you’ll ultimately deactivate, so you are presented the option of moving your number from old to less old phone.


Thank you. My phone was deactivated less than 20 days ago. I followed the instructions I found on line and completed the process. Thanks!!


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