How to transfer account from a Moto G 1st Gen to a Moto G5 Plus

I’m giving my Moto G5 Plus (deactivated) to my son who has a Moto G 1st Gen. He wants to transfer his account and current number to the Moto G5 Plus. How do I do that? Thanks. Everyone stay safe.

Hi @johnd.8e056v :slight_smile:

Here is how your son would move from a legacy plan to the My Choice plan:

If the Moto G5 Plus has been deactivated for over 30 days, I believe you would need to order a new SIM for the phone. Here is how to do that:

And here is how your son can activate the phone:

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I should also have you turn on the G5 and see what kind of SIM it has (GSM or CDMA).

If it’s CDMA you might need to request one of those SIMs:

Hi. Thanks for the info. We transferred his account from the Moto G 1st Gen to the Moto G5 Plus. Everything is fine, BUT, we noticed photos and text messages from his Gmail account are not on the Moto G5. What did we do wrong? Should I have done a factory reset on the Moto G5 Plus before we activated it as his new phone? Thanks for the help.

Yes, I would recommend a fresh start for the G5 and do a factory reset then have him log into it with his Google account. (Please be sure there is nothing you need on the phone first!)

Here is another Republic article that should help :slight_smile:


Ho @johnd.8e056v,

On the Moto G 1st gen, make sure the photos app is set to backup photos to the cloud. If it isn’t, it may take a while for them all to back up. Once they do, they’ll be available to the new phone if it is signed into the same Google Account. They will not automatically download to the new phone, though.


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