How to transfer back to Republic?

A friend talked me into switching to another provider and I don’t like it. I called customer service and was told I can’t switch back!! Is this true?? If not how do I switch back?

Hi @ld.b7zqnh and welcome to the Community!

For the sake of clarity, you were told you can’s switch back to your old plan? Or, you were told you can’t come back to Republic at all? The former is correct, the latter is not.

As a starting point, I suggest starting with taking a look at Republic’s new plans here:

I should also ask, what is the brand, model and generation of the phone you’d like to bring back to Republic?

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I have a Samsung Galaxy A11.
I was told I couldn’t return to Republic period.
I was connected to someone who had a strong Indian accent so I assume I was speaking to someone in India.
He told me that once I left Republic for another company it was impossible to ever return to Republic.

So I left it alone. That was 6 months ago. Recently a friend told that didn’t sound right and suggested I contact Republic again…so here I am.

Thank you in advance for any information you can provide.


Your Samsung Galaxy A11 is on Republic’s list of phones certified for bring your own phone for use with its new plans.

It certainly is wrong and Republic would be more than happy to welcome you back. I’ll admit to being thoroughly perplexed regarding how you were put in touch with this individual. Six months ago, Republic didn’t have a phone number one could call into and speak with someone.

Things have changed at Republic since six months ago and Republic does now offer U.S. based phone support in addition to its previously offered support channels. Republic also offers different plans from six months ago.

If not already done, please review Republic’s new plans here:

Presuming you like what you see, the process for acquiring a new plan (one buys the plan they want and a SIM ships with the selected plan attached); you may start the process of returning here:

Please let us know if you have further questions.

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