How to Transfer Contacts, Photos, Text messages and Other Info to Your New Phone



So, you have your new phone and are ready to activate it. But, how will you move all of the information on your old phone to the new one?

If you are logged into a Google account, chances are that your Contacts are already being backed up. You can back up much more in Google, including Calendar, Apps/(settings), and photos…

Basically, anything that you sync with your Google account will sync back to the new phone once you add the account.

If you’re not sure what you’ve backed up to Google, you can check at the following links:


To ensure that you can also restore your settings (e.g., passwords for saved networks), to the new phone, open the Settings app on the old phone > tap Backup & reset > make sure that the back up options are set to “on” (the specific options you see may vary depending on what version of Android is on your old phone). You will then have the chance during activation of the new phone to restore the settings from another phone linked to the same Google account.

Backing up text messages (sms/mms) will require another program. One that many people use and recommend is…

You can also use a third party program to back up information on your phone and restore it to the new phone.

(Note: If you are moving your information from one legacy phone to another, you can use the built in Motorola Migrate app; this app will not work on phones with Android Marshmallow/6.0 or above. Legacy phones include the Motorola E1, E2, G1, G3, X1, and X2.)

Here are some options:

Easy Backup & Restore:
Copy My Data
Phone Copier

For Samsung phones, there’s the option of using Samsung’s Smart Switch.

Republic offers some additional options for backing up photos and other files in this Phone. Wallet. Keys. blog article: Organizing your Phone: Backing up Pictures and Files to your Computer.

(Doing a factory reset of your phone? The above tips will also help you to back up your information so you can restore it to the phone after the reset. Set everything on the phone up to back up automatically, and you’ll always be able to access it – even if the phone is lost, stolen, or breaks!)

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