How to transfer data to new phone: Moto G6 -> OnePlus 8

I currently am using a Moto G6. I just bought a OnePlus 8 (IN2015). What would be my best method for transferring all my phone data (app configs, photos, downloads, etc) from the Moto to the OnePlus?

Thanks for any instructions, pointers to help docs, web pages, etc!

I assume that the SIM card will just move from one to the other. Is there also a help doc or forum post that walks me thru the process of activating the new phone?



Hello @dandroid,

Here is some information for your first question:

And about moving the SIM:

And activating the phone:

Please let us know if this helps :slight_smile:

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Yes, thanks very much! Was already doing some of this, though good to have the confirmation that I’m doing it correctly and efficiently. Did the Google backup (old phone) and restore (new phone). Good to know about the activation step. I haven’t move the SIM card yet, because I’m still waiting for the case for the new phone to arrive. That phone (OnePlus 8) is very thin and slippery, so don’t want to start using it without a case to improve grip and protection!

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