How to transfer files from a G4/G5 to a PC?


Have tried the best at google store. Must be a better way


Transfer files between your computer & Android device:


where do one find “USB for…” notification. TO TAP??


I have Oreo 8.0.0 on my Moto X4… I plug the usb cable into the PC and tap settings—> then scroll to Connected devices---->tap USB it says charging this device…tapping it opens a window

Charging this device
Transfer files
Transfer photos (PTP)
Use device as MIDI

So thats on my phone hope it can help!


I have 7.0 believe it is Marshmellow, Do not have those settings, Ugh


7.0 is Nougat and you can swipe down down from top and Tap for more options as long as your USB is data capable.



This is from a newer version of Android, but it’s similar:


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