How to transfer photos from SD card on Moto G to my laptop


Hi - I just transferred photos from my phone to my laptop, but I can’t figure out how to transfer the photos on the phone’s SD card to my laptop.


Hi @carinr.rct1j6!

I would buy a Micro SD to USB adapter. That would make it really simple. Just place the Micro SD into the slot in the adapter and plug it in. They are pretty cheap-probably a few dollars. Like this.



Depending on how your Photos app is configured you photos might well be here:

It is easy to copy them from that URL. That is also a good place to do some housekeeping. Moreover, the photos app can be used to remove photos from the phone once they are at Google.


When you connect your phone to your computer, doesn’t the computer see the SD card? It should and you should be able to open the tree and cut or copy and past the photos to your computer.

If not you can transfer the whole file to your computer using this app and this website. Make sure you’re on WiFi when using it:


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