How to transfer sim card

How do I transfer the sim card from my old Moto X pure to my new Moto g stylus? Is there a step-by-step procedure for this somewhere?

Hi @benw.26ak56,

Please see if this helps:

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Okay, this is very helpful, but I need some more info. Specifically, how to open up the phone, find the SIM, and remove it safely?

Hi @benw.26ak56,

Have you determined the SIM is GSM and, therefore, would move to another compatible phone? Was the referenced Moto G Stylus purchased from somewhere other than Republic?

If the answers are yes and yes, it is not a matter of opening the Moto X Pure. One simply pops the SIM tray out. Republic’s guidance for installing a SIM in a Moto X Pure is linked here:

Essentially, just reverse that.

So yes, the old phone is GSM, and I purchased the new phone on Amazon, because Republic is out of stock.
Thanks for the “how to install” procedure. That seems fairly clear, and I can probably find the sim card removal tool from somebody in my circle of friends.

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If you cannot find a removal tool, a small paper clip straightened out or a pin/needle with the point snipped off can also be used.

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