How to transfer voicemails and texts to new phone


It’s time for a new phone and the question I have seen posted many times. Will my voicemails and text messages transfer to my new device? If not, how do I accomplish the task?

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kelley r

Hi @joker_1,

You’ll be able to access your voicemail from the replacement phone:

And here is a help article on backing up SMS/MMS messages (and other things):

Please let us know if this helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you for responding, SuperT.

I will tuck this information away for when I change phones. Just waiting on delivery. :sunglasses:


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I’ve been using the app SMS Backup and Restore for several years. It will back up all of your text messages on your current phone to a cloud drive, such as Google Drive. On your new phone install SMS backup and Restore. Then use the restore option to download all of your texts messages to your new phone. It works great. It even transfers photos contained in your messages.


Thanks for responding larryal. I will try the app. Sounds like exactly what I need.


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