How to turn off Cell Data on Moto G3


My dad purchased a Moto G3 from Republic and it wont let him turn off the Cell Data. A screen pops up and says basically that Republic wont work right if he turns it off, so go to the Data Saver instead. He is mostly using WIFI at home so he doesn’t need the Cell part. I have a Moto G4 that I purchased from Motorola and I can turn off my Cell Data and it works fine( I also have Republic wireless). Is it something that Republic did to the phone before he bought it? Nothing I do can bypass it and it is eating up his Data. The whole point of him buying the G3 was to be on the Refund Plan. So far its a waste. Does anyone know what can be done to fix this?


He’s in the wrong spot for turning off data. You don’t turn it off in the Data usage section, you turn it off in the Repulic App. Click on the Cell Data (middle icon). Click on the three vertical dots then click on cell data settings.

There you can uncheck cell data.


Thanks John. That worked! I didn’t realize that Republic had a separate command for it.

It is strange that his phone wont let him do it in the settings. Hope that it’s just a Republic thing and not the phone. Thanks for taking the time to answer, you saved my dad some $.

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Good Morning @micheller.jb3com,

Following up on @johnf.qwchk1’s excellent advice, I would like to suggest that you not turn cell data off on your Moto G4 via Android settings as well. Though you haven’t noticed any issues yet, Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service requires small amounts of cell data to work as intended. These small amounts of required cell data are included in the price of all Republic plans (confusingly even those with no data) and do not come out of any cell data purchased for Internet access. As your Dad is now doing, the appropriate place to turn off cell data, if desired, is via the Republic app not Android settings.

You are able to turn off cell data via Android settings because your G4 is a Republic 3.0 phone. With Republic 3.0, Republic no longer modifies the Android operating system to make its blended WiFi/cell service work. Legacy phones like your Dad’s G3 do use a modified Android operating system, which is why access to the setting to turn off cell data in Android settings is restricted.

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