How to turn off cell data on Moto X

I just upgraded my phone from a Moto G 3rd generation, on the old plan, to a Moto X, 4th generation on the new plan of $15 per month plus 1 GB data.

With my old phone, when I was away from WiFi and not needing data, I could turn off cell data by unchecking a box, yet, I’d still be able to call and text.

With my new phone, I don’t see an option to (when away from WiFi) turn cell data off, but still be able to call and text

Please help. Thank you.

You’ll want to leave the data on in the Android settings. Instead, use the “Data Freeze” option in the Republic App which will keep your data from being used but still allow the phone to access the data it needs. Details here: How to Enable Data Freeze in the Republic Wireless Application – Republic Help

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