How to turn off cell signal searching and only use wifi calling


My Moto X(1st gen) is losing battery quickly. Turns out most of my battery usage is due to cell signal searching. As most of the time, I have good wifi connection, how can I turn off cell signal and use only wifi for calls? By putting it in airplane mode, I was not able to make calls.

Thanks for the help.


Put your phone in airplane mode and then manually re-enable WiFi. This keeps the cellular radio off while still using WiFi

in airplane mode.


That’s not working, it says: “To place a call, first turn off airplane mode”


Are you connected to WiFi? Are you able to access data over WiFi?

It is possible that your WiFi access may have blocked the ports required for WiFi calling.


Thanks, it’s probably the WIFI blocking ports. Worked on a different WIFI.


You’re welcome!

Here is some additional information about the ports required for WiFi or VoIP calling.

Sometimes network administrators may block these ports by default. So if you provide them the info, they might be

willing to open up the necessary ports.

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