How to turn off (extra) notifications on Moto G7

Moto G7

What plan are you on? 1Gig data plan

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 1 Gig data

I hope someone in the community can help me figure out and then disable a setting I must have added - my phone now makes lots of notification sounds. Seems like when I walk by my phone sitting on a table or pick it up, it notifies me with a tone. I prefer just to be alerted when I receive a text or phone call or voicemail. Also my Ring device used to chime on my phone, but those are the only sounds/tones I would like. I must have monkeyed with my settings and now I don’t know how to turn off the multiple sounds I keep getting. Thank you!

To learn how to do things like this, open your app drawer by swiping up with your finger on the home screen, then tap on Device Help or ?
Then Learn.
These pictures are what it showed when I followed those directions. Hope this helps.

Thank you, it is helpful. There are so many variables - turn off, silent, if the notification is urgent…I don’t want to mute my phone, text, Ring Doorbell so I shouldn’t globally change these settings. Im not very techy, can’t remember what step is next once I start following the directions. I’m not hearing the constant light echo sounds I was getting when I wrote this, but now I’m not getting text alerts either. My phone still rings. I’ll keep at it, thank you.

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Also when you pull down from top to see your notifications, you can hold your finger on those notifications to change how you get alerted

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