How to turn off web site red box popup message?

While on the RW web site, including the Member Community section I get very frequent popup messages in a red popup box, like “Unable to add additional Data on MyChoice plans”. How do I turn these frequent annoying notifications?

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Hi @mistermike,

If you’re signed into your Republic account and not using incognito or private browsing mode, clicking the X to the upper right of the dialog should get rid of it without it continually popping up.

If not signed into your account and/or if using incognito or private browsing, it will continue to nag you.

I am signed in, my picture icon appears in the upper right, and clicking the X in the upper right of the red popup message only closes that instance. It continually reappears about every 15 seconds. I am not incognito mode, but I do use a VPN, which is pretty common these days. Ugh.

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Hi @mistermike,

The VPN might very well be it. If you turn the VPN off temporarily, does the nagging stop?

Nope. I turned off VPN and red popup message keeps coming back… every 15 seconds. Very irritating. Is no one else having this problem?

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Which browser are you using? And, which device (computer or mobile)? I have seen the experience you reference but not when signed into my Republic account and not using incognito or private browsing.

Laptop computer running Window 10 and Google Chrome browser.

Ok, I’m on a Mac but using Chrome. Are you certain you’re signed into all Republic properties. For example, if perusing the Community and you have another tab opened to the main website, you may not actually be signed into one or the other?

I seem to be signed in on all Chrome RW tabs. I tried closing all RW tabs except this message on that I’m now typing on, and the red box just appeared again. What is that box called? Is it a web site ‘notification’ and where might there be a settings menu to toggle it on/off?

It’s coming from Republic’s status page linked here: If there’s a way to turn it off from one’s web browser, I’m not aware of it. I’m also sorry to say I’m out of other ideas at this point.

I’ll bring it to Republic’s attention but I don’t believe opening a ticket would help. Republic’s agents, generally, can’t fix website issues.

I closed Chrome and am now in Microsoft Edge browser. Red popup box appeared, but when I X closed the box, it has not reappeared. Yea! I’ll go back to Chrome and play around there a bit. Thanks for your help.

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@mistermike I use chrome on a Windows 10 computer and it stays gone when I dismiss it. Any chance you have cookies blocked in that browser?

Thanks southpaw. I went into Chrome settings and specifically set it to allow cookies on Popup is now gone! Thanks.


I’ve been having the same problem, very irritating and SOMEONE should be able to fix this without having to use different browsers, eliminating cookies, yada, yada, yada. Repubic, just get rid of it.

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In Chrome, go to Settings, then Privacy & Security, then Cookies & Other, then ADD to the list of unblocked sites.
This worked for me.

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Hi @sandraw.jxs842,

The alert is working as designed. It is meant to be there to alert our users to something important. We’re not going to make it just go away for everyone, because we very much want our users to see that there is an issue they need to be aware of.

It will go away if dismissed, but can’t stay away unless your browser is able to store a cookie that basically tells it, “I’ve dismissed that, already, thank you.”

We can’t force cookies on your browser if you are not allowing them. It’s not something someone can do for you, I’m afraid.