How to turn off wifi calling

Is it possible not to use wifi for calls inside my home?

Hi @jonk.qudoex,

The premise of Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service is that it will use WiFi first whenever available. You can turn WiFi off to force calls to cell, however, in that state, you’re using cell for everything not just calls.

There used to be a method for doing what you propose here: The owner seems to have let the domain expire.

May we know your reason for not wanting to use WiFi calls? Is there an issue with your home WiFi network the Community might help with?

There are certain places in and around my house where the wifi is weak but still connected. This causes broken conversations. If there is no way to force cell for calls but still use wifi for browser and email activity (where weak wifi connections can be tolerated) I will likely return my phone and cancel the service.

Added: Just noticed this in my account: "You don’t have any items eligible for return at this time. Please review our Return Policy for more details. " I have had my phone for less than one day and it cannot be returned? What could be the reason for this?. The site said I have 14 days for returns when I ordered.


The page from Moderndefrag is archived at How to Disable WiFi Calling While on a WiFi Network – Republic Wireless – Modern Defrag . It may need some revision for Republic 3.0.

I’m not sure about the new phones, but in my version of the Republic App there is a setting that allows a ‘manual handover’. To find it, open the Republic App, tap the gear icon, tap ‘Advanced settings’ and turn on ‘Allow manual handover’. Personally, I’ve never found a situation where I needed to use this.

Coming at the problem from a different angle, is it possible to improve the wifi in your home? There are several kinds of solutions including:

1 ) Add a wired access point such as a…

  1. Add a mesh network AmpliFi HD (High-Density) Home Wi-Fi System: Computers & Accessories

NOTE: these are just examples and other vendors sell similar products.

I did not mean to come off so harsh. It seems the hand off workd really well. Just tested at the limits of my wifi and the phone performed just fine.

Perhaps something in Maximizing your WiFi - getting the best from your Router/network might help (or uncover a clue) to something that could improve your existing WiFi?

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