How to type letters -motoG keypad


Received voicemail - to access I was asked to enter my RW password. Directed me to my RW app on my phone to set one up. Is this the same password for my RW account?
I’ve never had to use a password to access voicemail and really don’t want to start now -is this something new?
That said - I have no idea how to type letters from the dialer keypad?
thank you



Hi @evl,

It is a relatively new security enhancement. Your voicemail PIN is separate and different from your Republic account password and contains no letters. You may set or reset it as described by Republic here: How to Setup or Change Your Voicemail Password – Republic Help.

You might also have a look here: Alternate ways to check voicemail.



thanks much for the help.
i’ll look at the alternates you gave
maybe won’t be too much trouble to set up and use the pin

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