How to unlock motox4 when finger print is not recognized


Just received new Moto X 4 and activated same. Had a notice that there was a new update from Motorola.
Updated and now phone doesn’t recognize my finger print. How do I unlock the phone so I can change


Hi @larryw

When you set up your fingerprint, the you still should have had another form of verification.
When the phone turns on after being off for example, the fingerprint will not work.

You should be able to swipe up on the lock screen and it should prompt you for your backup method such as a pin or pattern.


When I do that I get a message upon power up pin is required to enable finger print. I enter my pin and press the reader and either nothing happens or it states it doesn’t recognize the print


Don’t hit the reader, enter your PIN and then the enter button.


You mentioned you have a PIN number as your lock screen. Have you made sure to press the enter key (check mark) below the “9”? A pin number isn’t necessarily 4 numbers and can be longer.


that worked thanks louisd and thanks happywillow.


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