How to Update the system in China with no access to Google play store?

What phone do you have?

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

I am in China for over two years. I need to update my phone system but always failed because Google play store was banned in China, Is there any other updating link to click so I can complete the update?

My phone: Moto G
My plan: Monthly payment is $15 plus tax
Just talk & text


What is it you wish to update?

  1. Your Moto G’s Android Operating System?
  2. The Republic Wireless app?
  3. All the apps on your phone?
  4. All of the above?

Candidly, if you’re unable to reach the U.S. Google Play Store from China, there’s really nothing Republic would be able to do about it.

The obvious solution is connecting via a VPN app, however, I’m very uncertain how the Chinese authorities would feel about that. Before going that route, I’d inquire with local friends.

Finally, you reference a Moto G but don’t mention its generation.

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