How to upgrade from Moto x to Moto z


I’m upgrading from a 1.0 phone, the Moto x 2nd gen, to a 3.0 phone, the Moto Z play. I was wondering, would I be able to use the same sim card? If so is there any process I need to go through to make it go smoothly? If not, where would I get a new sim card?

Also, I want to transfer all of my current phones contacts to me new phone. Is there an easy way to do this, and should I do it before or after I remove the sim card from my old phone?

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The SIM on the Moto X 2nd is a CDMA based SIM and needs to stay with that phone
Any 3.0 phone ordered from Republic comes with a 3.0 SIM or one can order a BYOD SIM from Republic
Or from Amazon

As for contact transfer one should have them sync up with ones Google account and they will down load to the new phone when that Google account is added to it

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