How To Upgrade To More GB and to Annual Plan

It is a little convoluted and Republic is aware of the hurdles needed to change plans, but supergirl @andreas helped me on this one. (Southpaw, I saved your instructions but it was very late at night and I messed up so many times, so I created a ticket.)

I wanted to upgrade from Talk and Text to T&T w/1GB on the annual plan. It made me dazed and confused. Here’s how, kids:
If you are already on annual you will have to go back to monthly for one month and THEN go to annual again once you’re on monthly.

  1. Upgrade from your existing T&T monthly. Click to (choose data amount) __GB.
  2. Go through the steps to buy that.
  3. Wait for the email confirmation to hit.
  4. Then, go back to your Account page. You may have to click on Account in the upper right hand corner.
    to see the I Want To to upgrade to the annual plan.
  5. Click on the red annual plan icon thing and buy that.
  6. Wait for the email confirmation to hit.
  7. Oh, panic, email confirmation still says only Talk and Text and it looks like the charge was for the extra GB’s. Let’s check it.
  8. Go to My Account page, click on Account in the upper right and corner and check for what ya’ll done bought. Phew, it says I have T&T with 1GB ea. mo.
  9. You done good.

Here’s what My Account page change looks like after the dust and bad words settled.

My Plan
My Choice + 1 GB

Next Bill Date

Jun 18, 2020
26 days from now

Payment Plan

starting June 18, 2020

My Data

1 GB left

Hope this helps. Gotta go back to my Lysol.


Thanks for the efforts and results … I took the liberty of changing the Category to Tips & Tricks where your contribution can rest among the other user provided help documents

Hi @jben,

Thanks for moving this information into the Tips and Tricks category. Will you and @DeanInDunedin please try to help me remember to update or remove this info once the process is more streamlined?


I will try, but remember my tag line :slight_smile:
“Sometimes I forget that I can’t remember everything”

I will be happy to check-in once in a while when it seems to be ready.

Once a user understands the current route to success it isn’t so difficult, but most users will not know the server’s logic can complete only one plan at a time; sort of a step-by-step and no jumping onto one Submit button to the desired change of plans. Once I understood the one-step-at-a-time, it was easy to complete.

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