How to use an unlocked new phone with my current RW account?

I drowned my Moto5gsPlus in a pool.
I just purchased and unlocked Pixel3a. It should be in next week.
Do I buy this RW sim card? SIM Card – Republic Wireless – Republic Wireless

Also can you direct me to a step by step showing what I do when I get the new, unlocked phone?
Thank you.

It depends on the type of sim card you have. Most people have GSM, which means you can take it out of your drowned phone and put it in the new one. If that isn’t an option, buying the sim card you linked to will work.

If you have CMDA (less likely), you would need to get a CDMA card by contacting support. You can’t reuse your old sim.

You could look at the phone’s setting to find out, but your existing phone is drowned. You can tell by looking at your existing sim card, but from your previous thread it sounds like you weren’t able to get it out. I’m hoping someone will chime up to be able to tell you the difference between the two some other way.

Here are the steps:

You will take care of moving your number over and deactivating your old phone while you are activating your new phone.

When you receive your new phone, make sure the SIM is installed, the battery is charged and then turn it on. If your old phone has a GSM SIM card, you can reuse that. If it’s CDMA, please see the following article:

When you turn on your new phone:

First: Select your language.

Second: Connect the phone to WiFi. all activation takes place over WiFi.

Third: Add the same Google account that you have on your old phone. This will move your contacts, Gmail and access to Google Photos and Drive as long as these were synced from your old phone.

Be sure your new phone has the Republic app installed and up to date. This is also an opportunity for your phone to start updating apps

Fourth is Republic activation. Open the Republic app on the new phone. Login to the account that controls your old phone. Select to “Move (your number)”. This will transfer your number to your new phone and deactivate your old phone.

You can find further instruction in how to do this at the following link:

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Thank you.


Hi @bethd.0ub2aa,

Sometimes the SIM card is also damaged by water. If you find that you need to replace it, please note that it is currently priced at just $1 on Amazon and they have shipping options that will get it to you faster than we can, since anything ordered from our online store at this hour will not ship until Monday.


Got it.


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