How to use your Ventev Powercell with your Moto G6

For those that recently purchased the Moto G6 during Republic’s Back-to-school promotion you may have noticed a couple of things:

  1. Your shiny new Moto G6 doesn’t use the old microUSB cord/port that you’re used to with your previous phones. Fear not, instead rejoice! Welcome to the future. Flagship phones such as the Moto Z, Samsung S & Note Series, etc have been using this new port for 2-3 years already, soon the microUSB port will go the way of the dodo.

  2. The cord that came with your Ventev powercell is the aforementioned microUSB that your phone does not use!

So now what? Well, the nice thing about this is that Republic has created a situation where the promotion comes with everything you need to use the phone and power pack. The cord that came with your phone can be used to charge your phone both from the wall charger, and from the powercell. The cord that came with the powercell is used to charge the powercell from the wall charger. In one neat little package you have everything that you need!


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