How to zoom camera - Moto X


Hi Republic -

Does anyone know how to zoom the lens of a Moto X camera?


should be a simple two finger zoom…is that not working for you?


Hi @8speedmixte!

Have you tried pinching to zoom? Put two finger on the screen together and move them out. That should zoom it in. Due the opposite to zoom out. Hope that helps!



The answer for your question has been provided by a couple of fellow community contributors … as you have a Motorola product you can find some very indepth guidance in the Moto Help App that is available on all Moto phones

  • It can be found in the App Drawer which is :appsicon: and then scroll to find Device Help which is :motohelp: Many of the advanced features of our phones are described in detail

  • Motorola also provides online help for troubleshooting and a link to these is Troubleshooting Guide by Motorola

Note to non Moto users: If your phone has an onphone Help screens and/or Troubleshooting Guides, please post back the details so a ready reference can be compiled


Stock camera app on every Moto phone I’ve used simply requires touching screen with one finger and drag up or down to zoom.

Has worked on X1, G1, G3, G4, and G4 Play.


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