How Well Do You Know Republic?


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We’ve put together a short quiz to wrap up an awesome 2017. We hope you enjoy the trivia and learn something new about us. You’ll find the answer key at the bottom of this page. This quiz is just for fun, so no need to skip ahead for the answers!



I guessed Texas, but almost picked California. I also didn’t get the sweepstakes question right. The E4 was an easy guess, as was the age of the company. Actually, I think the company is more than 6 years old. I think the beta program ended 6 years ago, didn’t it?

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beta ended in October 2013 with the Moto X 1st Gen (aka Moto X 2013) which means non-beta Republic is just over 4 years (first beta was late 2011)



For what period of time? From day ore, a particular date range or a year such as 2017?

Congratulations to those who combined were able to beat RW’s own marketing and having the fortitude to get others to sign up with RW.

Most people that I’ve told about about RW benefits are resistant to change (lazy?) even with the easy transition and likely saving money or they believe there must be a catch. Without bugging friends or family it’s tough to get results of a recommendation for change from those not looking for change.

Being enthusiastic about RW’s benefits for many phone users I’d love to have a part-time cottage store or other way to find those interested in a change. It may be worthwhile for RW to consider a step beyond the previous referral programs for fanboys to grow the RW business such as passing along a small income to some individuals in a position to do so… Affiliate/Influencer program may still do this for other businesses to promote the service.

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For what period of time? From day ore, a particular date range or a year such as 2017?

This metric is from 2017! We’re thrilled to have our members share our service with their friends and family. We have an Affiliate program that you have to apply for

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Thanks for the 2017 info. We must be getting many very satisfied new members passing the word on.

I have looked at the Affiliate Program before. It’s exclusive to those those with web oriented businesses. Assume the banner ads we may see on other sites are generated by the program. My earlier thought was for RW to look at other non connected balanced life methods to grow the business.

Step 2 from graphic in your link:

your marketing
links and banners



Didn’t RW start up in NC, either in Raleigh or Morrisville? One reason I joined is because I met some RC engineers at a talk at NC State Engineering School and got a card. I thought I’d have a way to contact support. It’s still pretty inconvenient, but I still love RW.



Sorry for the late reply, that’s for clarifying what you meant. We have a team working on other ways to reward members for their referrals. We’ll have more information to share once we’ve nailed down the details.



That’s correct! We started right here in NC. Our first office was in Morrisville when we were still apart of Bandwidth. Now, we’re located in Raleigh.

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I sure enjoyed visiting the RW popup store in December. That helped a lot.



Glad to hear you enjoyed your visit to the pop-up!


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