How will 5G affect my RW account?

How long will my Moto G (1st Gen.) work going forward into 5G? I’m considering buying a new battery for my phone, but don’t want to waste the money if my phone will be obsolete in the next year of so. In that case, I might as well buy a Moto 5, 6, or 7. I do love being able to say I only pay $11 monthly for great service from Republic Wireless, as my monthly cost will almost double with a new phone.

The primary means of data transmission will remain 4G in to the forseeable future. At this point 5G is nothing but a gimmick. With only a couple of 5G phones on the market, each over $1,200 and with only a few cities with any meaningful 5G coverage, it’ll be well in to 2021 or later before 5G is accessible to the average consumer and will be many many years after that before 4G stops dominating the landscape.

Edited to add: I apologize for missing the fact that you have a Moto G1. I personally would NOT invest in that phone. It not only isn’t a 5G phone, it isn’t even a 4G phone. By the end of the year it will lose its ability to roam, as Verizon turns off pre-4G networks, and within 2-ish years it will not be usable at all as Sprint will do the same. In addition, Android 5.1.1 is quite old at this point and many apps are beginning to stop working on it.


The current thing to be concerned about is the end of CDMA [2nd voi e and 3rd gen data] Verizon is currently shutting it’s CDMA down expected to be completed by end of the year (your Moto G1 will lose it’s main roaming option)
Sprint has stated in the past it will do the same thing some time in 2022 but that date may change (move up) with the merger/takeover with T-Mobile (who is a GSM provider and will most likely just add Sprints LTE networks to it’s network [T-Mobile already has a good Voice over LTE]

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OK, my battery still lasts a day and half, normally. I can live with that. I am happy with the Motorola Moto product. Which model Moto should I buy, in a few months, that will have everything I need for the next few years?

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