How will it work: WIFI Data vs 4G?

The SIM card for my Galaxy S8+ arrived Friday and I’m about to buy the basic $15 plan with 2GB worth of 4G…I think. That’s why I’m here; how will this work for me?

Here’s what my phone shows I’ve used with Verizon:

1.65 GB WiFi from 12-16-17 through 1-13-18 and 17 MB “mobile data” (???) since 1-1-18.

I have 4G service in my area but I’m a geezer who loves staying home, I’m defaulting to WiFi with Verizon automatically… I think. At least, I’m taking no action to switch anything.

So with RW… will life be just as simple? Will WiFi be prime, thus making a lot of data usage fall under the less expensive WiFi band?

Hi @jayg.umxk9a,

With the minimal amount of cell data you’re currently using, I suggest the $20 talk, text and 1 GB of cell data option. Just like with Verizon, you don’t pay Republic anything extra for using WiFi already available to you. All smartphones (regardless of network) by design prefer WiFi for data (Internet) use. What makes Republic different, is it also prefers WiFi first for calls and text messaging, which is what makes the lower pricing possible. You may always add more cell data on an as needed basis should you exceed the 1GB, which from the use case you’ve presented, I don’t see happening.

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Hi @jayg.umxk9a,

Welcome to Republic Wireless, from the former president of the “geezers who love to stay home” club! If you don’t mind, take a moment to vote in our poll on the age of our Community members:

Also, I’m very curious, if you wouldn’t mind, could you possibly tell us how much you were paying for that Verizon plan? I’m wondering if the price difference is what has you thinking you need 2GB of cell data. I agree with Roland, you should be fine with just 1GB, based on the usage you’ve shared.


Sorry, Southpaw, I just found your message.

I’m in the 70 - 79 age category and that’s the same one I was in when I got my first cell phone… though I’m a tad more computer literate and tons more involved with 'em than my fellow geezers.

I’m very glad you asked about the cost of Verizon. I pulled my record and was surprised I paid then only $15 more a month but I was given 3GB a month. I never had a hiccup. But BOY… am I having 'em now.

Since I reported the busy signal two and half weeks ago or so , conditions have gotten a tad worse. I seem to use that phone for calling out mostly in my car but since this issue occurred, i’ve been checking outside as well. Busy everywhere. I was so frustrated yesterday, I took the phone back to BestBuy and sat with the Samsung rep as she attempted to resolve the issue. She suspected RW. I’ve got so little time logged with RW I could barely comment.

After 20 minutes, she removed the SIMS card, inserted hers (or another one), powered up, and made a few calls. Put all back together, gave it back to me, I made a call, came home, set the puppy down, took it shopping today, attempted to make a call… BUSY!! Back to square one.

What’s further frustrating is about a week ago, I wrote a service ticket here. Got a number - which I didn’t writer down - but haven’t heard a word. In fact, I can’t even find whee to look for that ticket. This site somewhere?

I am curious as to what carrier SIM the clerk tested your phone on.
The Best Buy here only sell Verizon phones and plans.

Since R.W. uses tmobile, may the issue is that GSM partner carrier is poor coverage in your area.
Perhaps switching to the CDMA partner carrier(Sprint) might help.

Although, there are areas Verizon is the only real option for coverage.

Help Tickets can be reviewed in the On-line Account Portal.

Hi @jayg.umxk9a,

I appreciate your patience that you would refer to a complete inability to call out as a hiccup. Would you call this busy signal a normal busy signal or a “fast busy”?

Your support ticket has a reply waiting for you, though it was a bit tardy. You opened the ticket Friday and the reply was sent yesterday. You should see it in the E-mail account associated with your Republic Wireless account, or you can view it by signing in here:

I will let the support team know that you are finding it difficult to navigate our website and help center.

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