How will My Moto X Pure be able to move a movie to my windows 10 computer?

How will My Moto X Pure be able to move a movie to my windows 10 computer?

Are you referring to a movie downloaded from Netflix to your phone? From what I understand Netflix has limited playback to phones and tablets and they cannot be moved to PCs.

No movies are taken by my phone. I want to move the to my computers.


OK, I just moved a movie taken with my S7 to my desktop PC this way:

  1. I connected my S7 to my PC with a micro usb cable.

  2. From my PC I navigated to the DCIM folder on my phone. In my case the DCIM folder was on my SD card.

  3. After finding the movie I right-clicked on it and selected “Copy”. If I wanted to move it (delete it from the phone) I would have selected “Cut.”

  4. I navigated to the Photographs folder on my PC in which I created a new “Movies” folder.

  5. I right-clicked on the new folder and selected “Paste.” The Movie was not in that folder on my PC.

  6. I left-clicked on the movie and watched it on my Windows 10 PC.

When I connect my Pure to my laptop I have to swipe down the screen to bring up the usb for charging option (mine is on this by default). You touch it and change it to transfer files (MTP) and then it should start showing up on your computer. If you saved the file on your phone you go to internal storage, otherwise on your sd card. Either way it should be in the DCIM folder and just drag (to copy) to a folder on your computer. Right click to get the cut option to paste it onto a folder into your computer ( which deletes it off of your phone).

If you have your phone setup to back up & sync your photos to Google Photos, you can just open a web browser and go to

Thanks for the help - this worked VERY well.

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