How would a Spectrum landline dual ring work with Extend Home?

As I already have dual ring when people call the Spectrum landline, how would Republic Extend Home work?
If someone calls the land line, would it still go to both destinations as it does now?
Or are these dual ring situations incompatible??

Hi @johnw.ccohg6, the Extend Home would ring at the same time as your cell phone. If I’m understanding correctly, you currently have a Spectrum landline that also rings your cell phone.

Adding Extend Home would either require you to have a two-line phone or set up a separate phone for Extend Home. They aren’t incompatible per se, but may not be able to use the same landline phone.

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Are you perhaps referring to spectrum 's simultaneous ring functionality?

Yes, I’ve put my Spectrum on simultaneous ring, wondering if it would interfere with Republic, with similar action.

If I understand correctly:

  1. Someone calls your Spectrum “landline” number and simultaneous ring causes your Republic Cell and your Home Phone to ring.

If you set-up an Extend home adapter it would ring when your Republic cell number was called.

The two wouldn’t have anything to do with each other and wouldn’t be able to be connected to the same home phone handset unless that handset is a 2-line phone.

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Yes, thanks. I won’t be able to use the Extend Home. Solution finished, thank you.

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