How would this work with a Google Mesh network?


I’m not sure I’m going to be a good candidate for the beta. Now that I’ve had a minute to look at the HT… setup, my home network configuration isn’t good for this.

The cable modem, house configuration etc is awful for cable runs. I rely on a wireless google mesh network for everything. Having to plug the ht80x into the modem and a wired phone into it, won’t be in a place that is in a living area.


Hi @joelb.wilmywood,

Ok, the devices haven’t shipped yet, as we still have a few people who need to fill out the form. If you’re sure you want to withdraw, I’ll remove you from the group.

Can’t you plug the Phone Adapter into one of the Google WiFi extenders, instead of the router, via Ethernet?

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I’ll admit to not being overly familiar with the Google WiFi device, however, according to the tech specs at Google’s store, each unit has an Ethernet port? If correct and feasible, running an Ethernet cable from one of the Google WiFi access points to the ATA would do the trick. There would be no need to connect directly to the modem supplying Internet access.

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I do. My network architecture just won’t give me a good way to get you good feedback on this beta.

Maybe we need a topic on “How do I integrate Extend Home into my home network” separated out in here. Then we can move it when we go public with the product. It think we will always need this because people are not always technical and help with a one-time integration would be beneficial. I do not think we could do a meaningful guide for all of the permutations but this is something that the Community may be best at.


For the beta, we want lots of disparate architectures. If they were all the same then we would not have a valid Beta.


I don’t know. Looking at the instructions it said connect to the router.

Perhaps this would be a great test as well. Keep me in. It’ll be good feedback for a case where the router and equipment may not be easily co-located.


The bottom line is one must connect the ATA to one’s network. There are more ways to do so other than a direct Ethernet connection to the main router.

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I’m thinking of what would amount to a T&T housed in this area for now. It could be moved when Extend Home goes public.

I intend to connect mine to the ethernet port of one of the satellites on my Linksys Velop network. Should work the same way with Google Wifi.

Not only was my router 20’ from my ATA but all of my router ports were occupied. My desktop computer was next to my home phone system base station and I had an Ethernet switch in my junk drawer. As you can see at this link Ethernet switches are cheap.■■■■s=gateway&sprefix=ethernet+s%2Caps%2C195&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1
Looking at the photo below the eithernet switch is the device at the left. One of the two blue cables you see was connected to my desktop computer. I unplugged it from my computer and plugged it into the switch, The other blue cable runs from the switch back down to my computer. The black cable connects the ATA to the switch. The smaller black cable goes to an AC adapter that powers the switch.

This is equivalent to plugging the ATA directly into the router. Switches are generally plug and play so no configuration is necessary.

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