How would you know about phone compatibility on 5.0?

I noticed that when you select a plan, there is NOTHING that say about your phone being compatible when signing up unless there’s something buried in the checkout.

So after being charged you would find out your phone doesn’t work with AT&T? I don’t see anything about AT&T either there.

You’d have to look under Phones (which says MOST phones ARE compatible assuming they are unlocked). Why would someone look under Phones if they are using their current phones? From the discussions in the forums, I’m not sure if “most” is accurate…

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Scrolling through a long list of phones that is non-sortable is very tedious.

Who’s bright idea was to not create a lookup tool if you are going to market to seniors?

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If you’re using a browser on a windows computer, ctrl-F will allow you to quickly search for the phone of your dreams.

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Hi @yavanius,

The Plans page of the main website is not intended to be about phone compatibility. For those interested in bringing their own phone, there is a BYOP page on the main website. That page indicates that most Android phones are compatible, and has a “click here” link for more details.

Republic Wireless 5.0 plans do not have the same activation restrictions that our previous plans had. Most Android phones are compatible with our new network for cellular service. Features that depend on manufacturer and carrier integration like visual voicemail or WiFi calling may not work on every BYO phone. We have a 30-day money-back guarantee on our plans to give you ample time to decide if you are satisified with how your phone works on the network.


Good service would be at the minimum a note that the customer should check to see if their phone has been checked for compatibility and then of course a link. Ideally, there ought to be a prompt to that effect (e.g. We’re glad to provide service for your existing phone. Would you like to verify if your phone has been checked for compatibility before continuing your order?).

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