How would you recommend is the best way for me to get my Moto G4 Plus screen repaired?

Screen is shattered, & I do not want to order the parts & repair it myself. Thank you in advance for your suggestions!

I would contact Motorola and ask them how much to repair the phone. My guess is that they won’t even try to repair the phone, but will replace it with one of their B stock or refurbished phones.

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Hi @vickis.sa7l8w,

Sorry to hear about the phone! I’ve also seen these folks mentioned in Community (particularly by my friend @bocephous) as being good for repairs: CPR Cell Phone Repair.

Be sure to check with your credit card carrier to see if they cover accidental damage. Mine does.

Around me in metro NYC there are always a bunch of ‘phone medic’ types. i think it’s at the point where if you find someone whose done it for a couple of years you can’t really go wrong.

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