How you could try to get Iphones


So, I kept on thinking why Republic doesn’t use Iphones. My question is, why haven’t they tried supporting it years ago? I’m not complaining with republic right now, I just think it could be better. The Iphone is a revolutionary smartphone, and has just come out with the Iphone X. I know what you’re thinking. “People would never pay the cost.” Well, you guys are selling Galaxy S8s and people are willing to buy those. It doesn’t have the best reviews, but people are still willing to purchase this $700 phone. The Iphone 7 32GB is just under $500, and the Iphone 6s is even less. Maybe if you do cover it, don’t immediately sell it in the shop, but just have it in the bring your own plan. Just thinking because I’ve been sorta wanting to buy an Iphone SE. Maybe talk to some networks that already have Iphones supported, or even talk to Apple! You already have had your app on the app store, so you’ll probably do just fine! You are a really good network. No contracts. No worries. I hate just hate all of the networks who the only option is to buy it for $700 or have a 24 month contract. The deals are the worst! “Only $90 dollars a month unlimited for 1 line.” Well the stupid thing is, networks like Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T don’t have unlimited talk and text only plans. What if you don’t want data? What if you are never away from home or away on occasion? Well data is useless then. Unlimited data you don’t use for 90$ a month per line is stupid. With republic, you have the option to only have 1 or 2 GB of data. People only use about 2-4GB of data every month. Thats where you step in. You have the choice for 1 GB for 20/mo (+ tax) and 2 GB for 30/mo (also tax). With the other networks, you only have a choice for unlimited. You have better deals, and smart people on your team. People with Iphones NEED a better deal. Like you said, “You don’t need an unlimited data plan.
You probably aren’t using as much cell data as the big guys want you to believe. So why pay a premium for it?” So that is why you need to support Iphones. Some people with Iphones probably have seen republic, and wanted to switch. You guys don’t support Iphones, so they couldn’t. It does sound too good to be true! “With WiFi everywhere, you use less cell data… so you should spend less money. To us, it’s that simple.” You guys are so true. After we sign up, we’ll NEVER want to go back to those other expensive plans. Our family had Verizon before. We had tiny flip phones, and we were paying more for the plan on the flip phones, than the plan we have on our Moto G5s. Just to say. Thanks if you read this! -Zack


Hi @ZackAttack,

I’m with you on wanting to see Republic able to support iPhones. It’s a technical issue. Republic’s unique blended WiFi/cell service relies on the Republic app. That app is, as of now, Android only. The only Republic app in Apple’s app store is Republic Anywhere, which an entirely different thing.

To bring Republic’s blended service to iPhones will require that Apple provide access to iOS application programming interfaces (APIs), so that Republic may port the Republic Wireless (not Republic Anywhere) app. To date, Apple simply doesn’t provide such access. I hope one day that will change, however, that day is not today or likely to be soon.


Amen, it’s such bullcrap that Republic won’t use iPhones : (


I’d recommend reading @rolandh’s response. I think it explains well why we’re not seeing iPhones at this point.


Hi @rayc.omjwn5,

For Republic, this is a technical issue as referenced in my earlier response. For Apple, its a business issue. Would further opening or possibly the need to modify iOS to accommodate Republic’s technology be sufficiently worthwhile from a business perspective? Compared to Apple, Republic is tiny. On the other hand, technology changes and, in my opinion, Apple opens iOS a bit more with each annual update. We’re simply not there yet.

Republic, too, is smart enough to know that iOS support is an attractive market opportunity. I’m quite confident they know there’s money to be made supporting the iPhone and that they’ll do so when/if it becomes technically possible.


Yeah, there are technical issues, but maybe they could try. Maybe emailing apple, and asking if they could support Iphones? Necessarily though, it means more sales for apple, and they earn more money. People would buy more Iphones, and they along with republic get more profit. I’ve seen so much other networks as tiny as Republic. I’ve learned about a lot more today. I think republic could pull it off, and I think people would like it!


I have no doubt many people (including me) would like it. It’s not something Republic could pull off without sufficient cooperation from Apple. I don’t believe it’s a simple matter of Republic dialing up Apple and saying something to the effect of hey guys we need some help. I do believe Republic and Apple have communicated.

Apple makes application programming interfaces (APIs) available to all developers and prospective developers of iOS apps. Republic’s customer base simply isn’t big enough to warrant Apple doing more than that from Apple’s business perspective. Republic has hundreds of thousands of customers. Apple already sells tens of millions of iPhones. A few hundred thousand more or so won’t make any difference to Apple. The other small networks you reference do not use a blended WiFi/cell solution like Republic does, so they have no need to worry about making an app work on iOS.

Despite what I’ve just written, I’m an optimist and believe one day Republic will find a way to bring its blended WiFi/cell service to iPhones. I’m also a realist and do not expect that day to be particularly soon.


I also would like to see an iPhone option. I feel like I’m living in a 3rd world country using this Android phone. Vibration every time you touch the home button. Duplicate startup screens - one set before and then after the password entry. Come on.


Apple has between 30-40% market share so I don’t think using an android is equivalent to a 3rd world country
I agree the vibration on a finger print reader is annoying but it is the OEM(s) that put it there
the Dual startup screens don’t concern me to much (I reboot the phone only about once a month) the one is phone encryption the other is a lock screen (these don’t have to have the same password/PIN)
I would welcome iPhones on Republic when they are possible as there is that 30-40% of the market that republic could target (I my self would not uses an iPhone as I like android phones personally though for tablets there no better one for the price than a iPad which we have a few around the house)


I like the vibration, It’s a good way to know that the reader actually tried to read a fingerprint.


I can tell that by the phone unlocking, I’m not saying the feature should be totally removed I just want to have the option to disable it