How's your 2018 March Madness bracket doing?

Like many other workplaces, our Republic Wireless staff and families have a March Madness tournament bracket challenge for a little friendly competition.

I’m not much of a sports person, but I created a bracket anyway, I mean, nothing to lose, and you never know… I’m amazed at how well some people have been able to pick winners!

I’m not doing too well. :crying_cat_face:


I really have no idea what all the points mean, but I’m tied for 45th place… so, yeah.

My entire left side of the final four bracket has been eliminated. :see_no_evil:

How is your bracket holding up? How about your alma mater? (Mine was out in round one.)

Well, your alma mater fared better than mine which didn’t make the tournament at all. Didn’t do a bracket this year, so my bracket is perfect at this point.

I don’t have a bracket filled out, but my daughter is student teaching this semester and she is in first place at the school she’s teaching in, out of about 40 teachers. :grin:


no official bracket this year but if I did I would be out of any running (my team bomb in the second game and the way they played they deserved to lose)
now I pulling for the across town school

I feel your pain. My Oregon State Beavers didn’t even make the NIT, much less the big show. There is a reason. They were not very good. Again.

I to was forced to root for the “cross town school”. The Oregon Ducks did make the NIT. They broke my heart as well. As far off topic as my reply is, can you feel my disappointment?

We (somebody) will get 'em next year! :wink:


I haven’t lost yet, but I will concede you have to play to lose.

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Well the school across town [UNiversity of Michigan] is in the final 4 and am not looking forward to tommorow as their will not let up, [I still want the team to win but dealing with their fans will be an issue for us Spartans [Michigan State] fans

Now only one of the teams I’ve picked has made it to the final four.

I guess I better keep my day job, though I’m not sure I’m doing much better at that!


Of course you are! You are #1 to all of us. :grinning:


I usually don’t fill one out, but I am currently in a 4-way-tie for 19th in our office challenge, via no knowledge of bracket-strategy. Based on my vague assessment of the standings, if Kansas wins, I could win the bracket? Perhaps some of my coworkers can join in the conversation and double-check me though…


I did have my alma mater making it 3 rounds… of which it made 0. Go Spartans! :expressionless:


Don’t feel bad @southpaw - Mine is worse than yours!!

I’ve been down and out for a while now…:see_no_evil:



From 1st to 12th…the UVA upset made this a tough year :frowning:

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My bracket is nonexistent. But my local guys are doing just fine, thanks. Go Wolverines!

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