"HTTP Connect for 204" Failed to connect

HTTP Connect for 204
Failed to connect to the test server over HTTP(S).
Please check your network.

I have no WiFi or cell connective related issues but ran RW Diagnostic because change to CDMA seems to drain the X4’s battery excessively.

What exactly does this “Failed” indicate and what is being checked during test.


My understanding, is this is to check if you’re behind a captive portal or if there is some kind of network issue. As your not having problems I would ignore this.

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I have that error every time I run the diagnostic. I get the 204 error on wifi, cell, or both… at home or downtown. I opened a ticket a few days ago, did all the tests and screenshots asked for but RW could not give me an answer for the failure.
I came to the same conclusion that @jben did. Since I’m not noticing any service issues, just the app telling me my phone failed a test…I’m ignoring it and had them close the ticket.
I doubt that the error has anything to do with excessive battery drain you are experiencing (but that’s just my guess). :wink:

fyi … I normally run's app for encrypted DNS, and have noticed that some diags fail when I have it turned on.

@jben & @SuperT:

Thanks for the info. Appears to not apply and I’ll ignore as suggested.


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