Huawei 5w - Echo while on speaker phone

I just wanted to post a quick note to anyone who may be having this problem.

I recently purchased the Huawei 5W phone and was having problems with the speaker phone causing horrible echo to the person on the other end of the conversation. Anyway, after doing some trouble shooting, cache reset, factory reset, uninstalling apps, I have found that removing Google Talkback from the phone stops this issue.

I hope this information helps someone as it has been a week long frustration I have had since getting the phone.


I haven’t heard this before. I heard lower the volume. Our resident ambassador and Huawei 5W tester can prove that theory for you. I am sure he won’t want an echo either. Ohh @rolandh this may interest you, please take a look at the OPs writeup.

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@michelleg.64kcl8 , I don’t see that app on my 5w, is it one you downloaded or a feature of a native Google app?


@williamo.vkbg0s, I didn’t see Talkback either, but when I go to settings/apps and select show system processes, I see Talkback. Additionally, I found settings for it in Settings/Advanced/Accessibility

Anyway, I couldn’t uninstall Talkback, but I disabled it, now just need to wait for my girlfriend to get off work so I can test it out the fix.

Thanks, @michelleg.64kcl8 for the tip.

Update: tried a wifi call after disabling TalkBack in apps, and my echo problem persists while the call is on wifi.

There’s likely not much the end user can do to fix speakerphone echo on Wi-Fi only, other than making sure none of the microphones are covered by a case, and reducing volume. I would encourage those that this is a problem for, put in a Republic Help ticket. Perhaps they will start a master ticket and investigate the problem.

I am also having this issue on my Huawei Ascend 5W.

I found that this only occurs when the 5W is on WiFi. When it’s on the Cell Network, the person on the other end of the phone does NOT hear an Echo.

Any ideas why this issue would occur on WiFi only and not Cell?

I have submitted a help ticket.

I heard back from RW on this. They have determined that the issue is with the software in the Ascend 5W and will require an update from Huawei.

Just found something else out. My son has a Nexus 6P (those are made by Huawei) is experiencing the same echo issue and the same symptoms.

So it appears that phones made by Huawei seem to be somewhat incompatible with RW’s software.

THis has also happens with us with Ascend…echo to other person when on speakerphone. After some experimentation we found it is we are on Wifi. We will open a ticket. In the short term, here is the solution we found: During call if caller complains, turn off wifi…echo goes away. Interestingly turning wifi back on during call does not make the echo return. Not sure if call doesn’t return to wifi or something else, but then we don’t have to remember to do it for data purposes after call. Hope that helps someone else!

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@doodlehymer ,

Appreciate the additional info on finding Talkback.


Cellular networks have systems that eliminate echo. RWs VOIP network does not. The Ascend 5w is not the only phone on RW that has this issue. In fact, every phone on RW that I’ve used has issues with echo (Defy, Moto E, and Ascend 5w). While yes, Huawei could potentially add circuitry to eliminate echo when using speakerphone on WiFi, this would add cost to the handset, increase battery usage, etc. The better solution would be for RW to incorporate similar echo reduction techniques in their VOIP networks as what cell carriers use for their cellular networks. I wish they had done that before bonded calling.

Thanks for this answer. I have the Ascend, and I’m going to have to try this out! :slight_smile:

We do have echo cancellation it is not ONLY done on the phone. Echo cancellation is done with a buffer, if we set the buffer too high and it adds delay we set it too low and it loses its effect. We are doing everything we can, network wise to reduce echo, but it can still happen, especially on speakerphone.

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