Huawei 5W offer

  • #I logged in to buy the Huawei 5W at 9am today, DEc 13, the first day of the offer for the Huawei 5W and it was already sold out. How many others were similarly disappointed? Which leads me to ask: did RW prepare like just 100 sets to sell for a week, which was the duration of the offer advertised for months? Great way to destroy goodwill.
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Not cool, Republic.

@southpaw@rw will be locking this soon as they want all responses on this topic in the link above

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Hi @andyh.qya7eb ,

It was an incredibly popular promotion and did sell out much more quickly than anticipated. In order to be sure we don’t miss any of the feedback, we are asking that everyone continue the conversation here: Not cool, Republic. (Feedback about the Ascend 5W promotion).

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