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Can i trade my huawei 5w for samsung galaxy J3

Hi @jamaly.myzcey,

I’m afraid Republic doesn’t accept trade-ins of old phones. You may certainly purchase Samsung’s Galaxy J3 and replace your Huawei Ascend 5W. The Ascend 5W would be yours to decide what to do with. For example, you might sell it or keep it as a backup.

May we know the reason for wanting to replace your Ascend 5W with a J3? If it’s cellular coverage, a J3 won’t have better coverage with Republic than your Ascend 5W.


Thanks for your help, no coverage is okay. I have a Samsung T5 SSD that cable connection is not compatible with my Huawei, is there a adapter for it?

Hi @jamaly.myzcey,

You’re referring to the portable solid state disk drive? If so, this will connect your Ascend 5W:■■■■sr=8-4&keywords=usb+on+the+go+cable+android.

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Thank you for your reply , that cable already is included with the unit, i just bought the Micro USB to USB 3.1 Type-C Data Adapter Converter For Samsung LG .

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Hmm, if I’m reading Samsung’s information on the T5 correctly, it ships with both USB Type C to C (for phones) and USB Type-C to A (intended for computers) cables. Therefore, I suggested the Micro USB to USB Type-A adapter.

Nevertheless, a Micro USB to USB Type-C adapter will do the trick as well. There is, as they say, more than one way.

But my Moto E and Huawei will not take type c cable. that is why i needed the adaptor. other wise i had to buy new phone.

You are absolutely correct about that. I’m curious though; did your T5 SSD not come with two cables (one USB Type C to C and another USB Type-C to A). A Type-C to A cable would work with the adapter I linked.

Also, for what it’s worth, purchasing a Samsung Galaxy J3 wouldn’t have solved the dilemma as it (like both your Moto E and Ascend 5W uses a Micro USM connector.

Yes it comes with 2 cables but if i need to transfer data from Moto e or Ascend 5W i meed to have adaptor to hook up whereas galaxy J3 is compatible with the T5 ssd cable.

Hi @jamaly.myzcey,

I’m afraid that’s incorrect. Samsung’s Galaxy J3 (and the J7) use the same Micro USB connector as your Moto E and Huawei Ascend 5W. You can see the J3’s specs here: You’d need an adapter for the J3 also. Newer Samsung S series phones use a USB Type-C connector. The less expensive J series does not yet do so.

In any event, you have a solution, which is what’s important. I simply wouldn’t want someone else reading the thread to think they need to replace a phone they’re otherwise happy with when an adapter will do.

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Well i have the cables which came with the T5 SSD , none of them fit my phone.

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