Huawei Ascend 5w Cell Carrier and Rural coverage


I am considering purchasing the Huawei Ascend 5w and understand it is on the T-mobile network, is this correct? The coverage map for my area (Finger lakes, NY) shows good coverage, but does anyone have any experience with rural coverage with T mobile? And does the phone have a SIM card that I could switch out to use it Internationally, or is the phone locked.



Good question, but please provide your ZIP if you want a comment from someone who lives near you. You can also go to this map and drop a pin at your exact address:

4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile


My zip is 14860, and the map does show good coverage, but I know from past experiences that this doesn’t necessarily support the real truth. That’s why I was wondering what other people’s experience with T mobile is in rural areas.


I just selected my Samsung S7 and dropped a pin in several places in your ZIP. I found Fair, Good, and Roaming. There is “fair” coverage where I live (also in the country) and I rely on my WiFi for calling. “Fair” means I might have indoor coverage but I have to go about a mile to get reliable service. If you drop a pin at your home address and see “Fair” then you will most likely rely on WiFi at home too. That being said, Sprint wasn’t any better at my home.


Thanks for that info Bill. My Sprint coverage is almost non existent here, but it will kick over to Verizon often. Still, there are some totally dead spots, so I’m actually kind of hoping that T mobile is better, or at least as good. And Yes, I do use the Wi Fi in my home, so except when I walk outside, I have good calling. The other concern I have is that I looked at the Open Signal website and it shows most of the T mobile signals in my area are weak, while Verizon is stronger.


I find the T-Mobile map a bigger exaggeration than any other carrier map I’ve looked at. Everywhere in my area that says “fair” is actually “crap”.


Thanks, that what I feared and what I was finding online.