Huawei Ascend 5W coverage area


So, … Please note: Your area does not have cellular coverage for this phone. Not in Suring, WI? I’m not, so… We’ve got you covered in Bonduel, WI. Did the coverage checker forget to take it’s bipolar meds? First is said you are in Suring Wisconsin, if not click here. Ok, I’m in Bonduel. So We’ve got you covered in Bonduel, WI, but go back to the original page, Please note: Your area does not have cellular coverage for this phone. Not in Bonduel, WI? Gets better, looked at all the phones, every one says We’re sorry! This phone is not optimized for coverage in your area.


the Huawei Ascend 5W needs to used the GSM partner (T-Mobile)
and from their maps both of those locations are Roaming


Ah, yah, no kidding, and the reason for the conflicting coverage area is? One said the Huawri 5W won’t work in Suring is because I used the same map you did, no coverage. I put in 54107 as the zip. it says it will work. I went to buy 2 phones and it says again they won’t work. I’m not blind, or stupid, I see the same results you do. I’ve been here since 2014 pointing out the flaws. I can see what networks which phone works off of. So I guess my existing phones will stop working because according to the coverage map “We’re sorry! This phone is not optimized for coverage in your area.”


There is coverage in Bonduel, but not for the Huawei Ascend 5W. If I put 54107 in at 4G LTE + WiFi for the Best Cell Phone Coverage | Republic Wireless, and hit NEXT, SHOP, it shows me Sprint compatible phones for the 54107 area. The Huawei Ascend 5W only works on the GSM carrier (T-Mobile).


Republic has t different network partners
CDMA partner is Sprint, all Legacy phones are on this partner, and some 3.0 phone cam be on this as well (BYOD will always start as GSM but a ticket can move a compatible phone to CDMA)
some 3.0 phones can only be put on the GSM partner (T-Mobile)
the Huawei Ascend 5W is one of those phones
see Detailed Supported Phone Features for which phones can be on CDMA and which ones can not be
CDMA coverage looks much better in that area


The coverage checker is a work in progress. I reported a zip that was said to have no cellular coverage as having roaming coverage on Sprint and native coverage on T-Mobile After some months that was changed and that ZIP now reports “we have you covered” (on Sprint). Unfortunately people roaming on Sprint in that ZIP (and several others in that area) cannot message. People on T-Mobile report excellent coverage. So, then, if they order a phone using that ZIP they will receive a phone that doesn’t work properly and the only way around this is to order a phone using a ZIP that has T-Mobile coverage but not Sprint coverage. I’ve reported this too but the issue persists.


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