Huawei Ascend 5W & International Travel?



I might be going to Europe in the not too distant future. If I go, would feel more comfortable taking an inexpensive phone and giving it an International SIM. Would have more of a need to make calls within the country of travel, than to the USA.

The question is: Do International SIMs works with this phone?


Short answer, yes. I’ve used a Three (U.K service provider) in a Huawei Ascend 5W. Depending on countries of travel , you may be limited to 3G data, which on GSM really isn’t that big a deal.

Additional inexpensive options that would work internationally and with Republic are the Alcatel A30 and the Moto E4. Same caveats regarding being limited to 3G data may apply to those phones as well. If you don’t need the travel phone to work with Republic. most any GSM phone would do.


@rolandh Thank you.


The Three SIM I purchased via eBay before traveling. At other times, I’ve purchased once in country. There’ll likely be kiosks at any airport you fly into. I don’t know where you’re traveling but Three’s “Feel at Home” is a pretty sweet deal:


At this point I’m not sure if it’s going to be Germany or Austria. I checked the link, that is a sweet deal! Ordered the 5W, if I don’t use it I can always give it away.


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