Huawei Ascend 5W - need more pictures to match case

Can somebody from RW please provide more pictures of the Ascend 5W phone? Pictures of all the sides would be great. The closest phone in dimensions that I could find is Ascend G7 plus/G8. I am not sure the hard cases would work, so I plan on ordering a wallet style case, but I would like to identify the headphone/power cord location. Thanks

Headphone jack is on the top mid way between center and right edge if looking at the face of the phone. Power plug is dead center of the bottom. You can see the images of the back line up closely with the Honor 5x.

It matches this: 【Huawei HUAWEI GR5 Specifications 】 - Huawei Mobile Phones - Huawei Official Site

There’s another thread here: PSA: Ascend 5W details

I’ve seen nothing to suggest the dimensions are the same as the phones mentioned in the previous replies. I’d advise being patient and wait a short time until properly fitting cases and screen protectors are available at Amazon, eBay and other vendors. If you don’t mind experimenting and having to return cases that may not work go for it and please report back.

Except that right now this phone is a Republic exclusive, based on conversations with Huawei. Given the community outrage at whatever number of units were sold, it’s probably fairly safe that no one is running to build cases for it. In addition, the box it comes in says: “Huawei GR 5W” on it in big letters, finally Huawei says that is the GR5 linked above, just rebadged for Republic.

Well I’ll be anxiously waiting to hear that it a good fitting case to order before getting one for mine.

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