HUawei Ascend 5W Phone Case

Just wanted to share that I took a chance on ordering a case for a huawei Honor 5X / GR5 and the case is a perfect fit. It was an Innova case off of amazon for $6.99 with free prime shipping.

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Hi @justinr.suqnuq

I literally just opened the same case. Seems like it would offer good protection but seems a little slippery. Wish they had textured the sides.

Might return for this one, I always seem to end up with one these on most of my phones…

[ Honor 5X Case, Sophmy Hybrid Dual Layer Armor Protective Case Cover with kickstand for Huawei Honor 5X Shoc…

or better yet,

I thought about it, but this was cheaper and just in case it did not work, I went with the cheaper one. I think I will be happy for now, I feel a lot less worried about handling it now that is for sure. The Innovaa doesnt feel much different than the otterbox I had on my moto e 2nd gen.

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I wanted a non-bulky, extra-slim, artistic case for my Ascend 5w and took a chance on one designed for the Honor 5x. It just arrived from Amazon and is a perfect fit. There are several beautiful patterns to choose from, as well as basic black and other solids:

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My wife and I have been using the $6.99 Innovaa (Amazon) for several days. We’ve begun the Amazon return process. We found them to be of low quality. The hard back plastic piece seemed a little warped and keeps annoyingly separating from the soft, inner shell. We’ve just received a couple of replacements. Thought I’d share our thoughts…

Spigen (Amazon) - Very sharp looking and feel, but seems too small. The bottom is hard to pull over the phone and won’t quite wrap all the way around. Also, it keeps pressing the volume down button, activating HiVoice without my intention. I think we’ll be returning this as well.

Tudia (Amazon) - Easily the best case so far. It has the benefit of a dual case, but with the sleekness of a single piece case. It is smoother, which could encourage dropping. However, I prefer this to the Innovaa “grabby” corners which made it very difficult to get in/out of pockets. My wife’s phone is wearing it now and I’m ordering mine tonight. She loves the mint and I’m eyeing the slate color.

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@benordby ,

Thanks for the update and info on the Tudia case. I purchased one of the grid type cases and the silicone is much too flappy for my liking. See the Tudia uses the more substantial material Just ordered one from TUDIA Slim-Fit MERGE Dual Layer Protective Cover Case for Huawei Honor 5X | eBay since not a Prime member.

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I bought the Spigen here is my Amazon review Spigen Rugged Armor Honor 5X Case with Resilient Shock Absorption and Carbon Fiber Design for Huawei Honor 5…

First off, I bought this for the Ascend phone by Huawei, not the 5X. But the dimension difference between the two is negligible. This would be a five star review but the buttons keep getting unintentionally pressed because of the inside of the case where it is raised. I did use a razor knife and sliced off the raised parts…boom…perfect case!!! I do think this would do the same with the 5X phone, I have experienced this problem with other cases that I have modified as well. The protection seems good, you can lay the phone on its face with no problem and I also have a glass screen protector installed and it doesn’t interfere. I have yet to drop the phone, but I hope it will do fine since this case is very similar to the slimness of my other phone. The grip is perfect, not slippery, and not sticky, so you can easily have it in and out of your pocket with ease. The cutouts are perfectly placed for the everything, even the fingerprint sensor works great. I am very pleased with this case, other than the slight modification I had to make. I would still recommend this one, especially someone who just bought the Ascend and can’t find a case for it.

@jonathang.huso8x ,

Thanks for your though review. Looks/sounds like a good case and do see it’s TPU versus the flappy silicone.

Thanks @jonathang.huso8x, my dad still has the Spigen for his Ascend. Which raised parts did you cut off? I’d prefer to adjust the case over returning it. TIA

because of the inside of the case where it is raised

In the event jonathang.huso8x doesn’t reply soon, I took it to mean the nubs on the interior were trimmed versus buttons on exterior.

Bingo, that’s what the pic on Amazon tried to show.

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Thanks again @benordby , my Tudia case arrived a several days ago and like it much better than the Leevin I ordered first.

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Thanks @jonathang.huso8x and @williamo.vkbg0s. I made the modifications on my dad’s Spigen, and the accidental button presses have stopped! Great case as modified.

What glass screen protector did you buy? how did it fit? Thank you.

@timg.g8r326, I purchased the OMOTON glass screen protector for the four Ascend phones in our family. I installed each one and it was pretty simple. It is so much nicer than the cheap plastic protector that came factory installed. Scrolling is much smoother on the glass and much better with fingerprints. They were about $4 each on Amazon ($8 for 2pack). [2-Pack] Honor 5X Glass Screen Protector, OMOTON Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Huawei Honor 5X 5.5"NOT…

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[ [2-PACK] Mr Shield For Huawei Honor 5X [Tempered Glass] Screen Protector 0.3mm Ultra Thin 9H Hardness 2.5D …

This one fits great, is thin unlike some I have seen on other phones, it resists fingerprints, and was easy to install. I have never installed a glass one, and the directions were great. Highly recommended.

Thanks for the info.

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