Huawei Ascend 5W to Moto G6

I just ordered a G6 for my wife to replace her tired Huawei Ascend 5W. Will the SIM card swap or will she need a new one, please?

Hi @williamh.kxr7dk,

Presuming the Moto G6 you acquired is Republic compatible (there are incompatible G6 variants in the market), you may move the SIM from the Ascend to to G6. If uncertain about the G6’s compatibility, please let us know where you purchased it?

You will need to install or update the Republic app on the G6. Once done, open the Republic app. You’ll be presented with an abbreviated activation sequence that moves service from the Ascend to the G6.

Thanks v. much. the G6
is coming from Motorola itself as a freebie accompanying my purchase of a G7 for myself, replacing my G4+.

Hi @williamh.kxr7dk,

That G6 is Republic compatible!

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