Huawei Ascend 5W to Moto X4


I know this has been asked quite a bit, but I was having trouble finding the specifics for this case.

I purchased a Huawei Ascend 5W around 2 years ago from Republic Wireless I believe. It came with a SIM, but the screen has since broken, and I’m looking at buying my own Moto X4 and bringing it over to Republic.

Looking at the specs they are both Nano SIM cards, so I wasn’t sure if I could reuse the older SIM or not. I’m really not clear also if Republic Supports both CDMA/GSM networks or not anymore. I do have better coverage through sprint than T Mobile in my area if that makes any difference.



You can indeed move the SIM card from the Ascend to the X4. The Ascend is a GSM only phone, so that’s the SIM you have. If you think you’d be better served by CDMA (Sprint) coverage, after moving the SIM to the X4 and getting it going you can open a ticket with support and ask that they look in to the coverage in your area to determine if you’d be better off with CDMA coverage and if that’s the case, they can send a replacement SIM to move you to that coverage.



Thanks! I appreciate the help! The coverage hasn’t been a huge deal as I have pretty decent wifi range at my house, it just comes up when I’m trying to have a phone call heading to/from the house.

Thanks again!


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