Huawei Ascend 5W

Just received my new phone. Tried calling a few people and they are complaining that they hear an echo when I have the speaker on.

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Cell, Wi-Fi or both? This is more common on Wi-Fi but it can happen on cellular calls too. It happens most on satellite internet connections but can happen on cable too. Not sure about DSL connections but I don’t recall seeing any reports that specified DSL. The so-called MiFi devices that connect you to the Internet over a cell connection usually cause poor voice connections due to dropped packets, jitter (changes in connection speed) and large latencies. [So probably not relevant here.]

It will help to know what router you have if it is Wi-Fi only. If it’s only on cell then it’s likely to be either a telco infrastructure issue or local geographic features, neither of which will be under either your or Republic’s control. Does it happen only at one location, such as at home?

they hear an echo when I have the speaker on.

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I’ve heard that complaint with my X Pure too so I don’t think you have an issue with your particular phone. I haven’t taken the time to isolate when it happen and usually don’t use speakerphone except while waiting on hold. I believe RW support has been working on the issue after receiving several complaints. It’s even a common issue for those using landline speakerphones and has been for years. Speakerphones are great as long as your not on the other end. Just my thoughts.


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I also have this issue with the Huawei 5w.

For me, the people on the other end hear an echo of themselves (no one has reported hearing me echo) when I am calling them on wifi (they are on Verizon (cell connection). The issue goes away immediately if I manually handover to cell and comes back immediately if I handover back to wifi.

The router I am using is Arris SBG6700-AC. And I did not experience this issue while using my moto x1 (2013).

I am having the same echo issues with the new Huawei 5w as well. I have two Huawei phones and both phones are having echo issues when the person with whom you are speaking is on speaker phone, I receive echo feedback on my Huawei handset. When the person to whom I am speaking to, turns off the speaker phone option, the echo is no longer heard on my handset. When both I and the person I am speaking with are both using the speakerphone option, we both have echo feedback. I have also had a friend experience echo feedback on her landline phone when I was using the speakerphone option on my Huawei handset. The echo feedback has not occurred on the cellular network as of yet, only wifi. I will be testing that scenario as well to see if it is an issue on cellular as well.

Let me be the first to say I am glad that I missed out on such a good phone as the 5W.

Turn down the volume when you’re on speaker phone. The sound from the phone’s speaker may be feeding back through the microphone, causing a feedback loop. Turning down the volume should stop it. As for switch to cell, the echo may go away due to software in the network system that squelches a feedback loop that causes echo.

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Just wanted to put my 2 cents in on the Echo issue.

I have a Moto X 1st Gen with Republic and my wife has an Ascend 5W with Republic.

I noticed that my voice was echoing back to me. I was on cell and I believe she was on WiFi.

She mentioned to me that her voice was echoing back to her when she was talking to someone yesterday.

This never happened when she had the Moto G so I suspect it may be an issue with the Ascend 5W.

I opened a ticket with RW to track the issue.

Just for reference, according to GSMArena:

Phone calls are loud and clear thanks to an active noise cancelation mic located at the top of the device, next to the headphone jack. When put in speaker mode, the Honor 5X uses this top microphone as its main source of audio.

Try the suggestion that @beachb offered. Next time she calls if she says she is hearing her voice echo back to her turn down your volume. Another way to check this would be to plug a set of ear buds into your phone and see if it goes away. A headset with a microphone should make it worse if it is a failure of the noise cancellation system. That’s why I said ear buds.

But I guess either one would give you confirmation of the theory.

My wife had the same issue, echo that the call recorder was getting on another phone only when speaker phone was on. After doing a factory reset and then deleting apps we found deleting the Google talkback app stopped the speaker phone echo issue. Hope this helps.

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Wonderful! Thank you for experimenting and reporting back your results. If this turns out to be a stable fix it will address the most commonly reported issue I have seen with them.

Much appreciated.

No problem. I also want to point out that my wife had no problem with the phone after doing a factory reset. It was only later after installing apps she had this issue. So it seems like a software problem. Even if you do not have Google talkback it may be another program that has access to the microphone somehow.

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