Huawei Ascend yellow screen and frame issue, warranty and memory processing questions



What phone do you have? Huawei Ascend
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Issue Description

Hello RW community and staff! I am very delighted by having had the opportunity to enjoy the Huawei Ascend for the past 10 or 11 months now. It’s gotten lots of compliments from friends over time and has held up pretty well except for the a couple of things. There is a yellow splotch on my screen that doesn’t seem to go away and there’s not technical help that I’ve been able to find online to advise on how to get rid of this. Also, there is a portion of the side of the frame sticking out that’s not going back inside. Does anyone have any advice? Also, is there a way to store apps on an external memory card to help free up space on the phone so that it will run faster?


Hi @7q3qsh,

Sorry to hear your Ascend is misbehaving!

My guess on the yellow splotch is going to turn out to be a hardware defect. There’s a couple of things you might try to separate likely hardware error from possible software glitch:

  1. How to Clear the System Cache on the Huawei Ascend 5W – Republic Help
  2. Factory Reset – Republic Help

Not sure what to make of the frame issue but for that and probably the screen issue, you’ll want to talk to Huawei support regarding a potential warranty claim. Here’s how: How to Contact Huawei Support – Republic Help.

Regarding moving apps to an MicroSD card with your Ascend, EMUI (Huawei’s flavor of Android) doesn’t support adoptable storage. There are hacks you might try at your own risk: Please know moving apps to a MicroSD card will more likely than not slow the phone down not speed it up.

Finally, since you asked for advice, I’d get the Ascend repaired under warranty if Huawei is accommodating about that, then sell the phone and get yourself something nicer. The Ascend is a decent but, as your finding on the storage front, limited phone. It’s unlikely the Ascend will see future operating system updates including security patches.


Thanks @ronaldh, I cleared the cache and it’s minimally improved the system
performance but the yellow screen issue exists.


Hi @7q3qsh,

I truly think the screen issue is hardware defect rather than software glitch, which is why I also provided the link for contacting Huawei. They’ll likely ask you to proceed with the factory reset to prove it’s hardware rather than software but you might try talking to them first.


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